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  • Cáp cảm ứng nhiệt Hochiki

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    UL listed & FM approved

    • Available in three temperature models • Available in 328, 656, 1,640 & 3,280ft reels

    • Available in 164ft reel for TH68 model only • Low cost & fast response • Compatible with HCA Series FACP & CZM Module

    • UL Listed for up to 35ft (10.6m) spacing • 92.1 ohms/conductor/km maximum resistance • Localized overheat detection

    • Not affected by RFI or EMC • ATEX certified - zener barrier in hazardous areas

    • Ambient temperatures range: TH68: -40F (-40C) ~ 139F (59C) TH88: -40F (-40C) ~ 171F (77C) TH105: -40F (-40C) ~ 198F (92C) • Alarm temperatures: TH68: 155F (68C) TH88: 190F (88C) TH105: 221F (105C)

    • Section replacement of sensor cable after alarm • Continuously monitors 100% of sensor length


    At a pre-determined temperature, inner insulation softens allowing the two conductors to come into contact with each other to produce the required alarm signal. Any break in conductors at temperatures below the alarm threshold generates an open circuit trouble signal. No minimum length exposure is required for the alarm rating.


    •UL & ULC Listed • FM Approved APPLICATIONS • Underfloor (server rooms) • Mechanical / Electrical control rooms • Hazadous areas • Warehouse • Parking structures • Cable trays • Tunnel protection