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  • Thiết bị chống sét cho hệ thống báo cháy

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    Thiết bị chống sét DNP508 và DNP5082 được thiết kế để bảo vệ mạch điện, điện tử và các thiết bị trong hệ thống báo cháy.  Có 2 dòng sản phẩm:
    • DNP508 - Để bảo vệ các thiết bị trong hệ thống báo cháy thông thường (dạng kênh vùng);
    • DNP5082 - Để bảo vệ các thiết bị trong hệ thống báo cháy địa chỉ thuộc dòng sản phẩm IFS7002, do UniPOS sản xuất.
    Thiết bị này được lắp đặt trên hệ thống báo cháy, có thể dùng được trong nhà hoặc môi trường ngoài trời.


      DNP508 DNP5082
    2.1. Nominal voltage 28V DC -
    2.1.1. Signal Loop - 33V DC
    2.1.2. Power Loop - 28V DC
    2.2. Maximum current pulse IS 8/20 20 kA
    2.3. Response time 1 ns
    2.4. Maximum resultant voltage at IS8/20 45.7V -
    2.4.1. Signal Loop IS 8/20 - 72.2V
    2.4.2. Power Loop IS 8/20 - 53.3V
    2.5. Operating temperature range from minus 10ºС to 60ºС
    2.6. Storage temperature from minus 40ºС to 70ºС
    2.7. Relative humidity resistance (92+3   )% at 40ºС
    2.8. Degree of protection IP40
    2.9. Overall dimensions 162х120х72 mm
    2.10. Weight 0,3 kg
      1. Structure
    Lightning protection unit type DNP508 (DNP5082) consists of two main parts: a base set – an electronic unit and a cover. The electronic unit contains a printed circuit board with screwing terminals, used for connection of the fire alarm lines.
    The cover is fixed by the base my means of four screws.


    When lightning strikes, DNP508 limits the maximum voltage of the line to 150/180V, and the terminals of the Control Panel to 46V for DNP508 (and 72/53V for DNP5082).


    Mount the base of DNP508 (DNP5082) to the wall by means of dowels and self- tapping screws.
    Separate the cover from the base. Fix the base to the wall by dowels and wood screws. Then perform the electrical installation in accordance with item 4. Place the cover to the base and screw the four fixings.

    4.1.Connecting method (fig.1 DNP 508) (fig.2 DNP 5082)

    1. Connect the fire alarm lines (loops) to terminals FD.
    2. Connect terminals FS to the respective terminals of the Control Panel.
    1. Performing Installation:
      • for lines / loops                               - by means of wire (0.8-2.5)mm2;
      • for grounding                                 - by means of  wire (1.5-2.5)mm2 .
    WARNING! For the reliable operation of the lightning protection unit, it is necessary to realize a secure electrical connection from the grounding terminals to the housing of the Control Panel. The housing of the Control Panel must be grounded to the power supply switchboard with a separate wire with minimum cross section 1.5 mm2. The supply switchboard must have a standard grounding.

    When installing the lightning protection unit into a place, where the fire alarm lines are extended beyond the building, the grounding wire must be connected to the grounding  bus of the building or a standard grounding to be made for that purpose.

    4.2.Satisfactory operation test in real conditions

    Consecutively short each line(loop) for a while - The Control Panel must “FAULT CONDITION”.


      Procedure Periodicity
    1. Inspection for visible physical damages weekly
    2. Satisfactory operation test in real conditions monthly
    3. Check and clean dust contamination every six months
    The warrant period is 36 months from the date of the purchase. The manufacturer guarantees the normal operation of the devices, providing that the service requirements of the instruction manual herein have been observed.
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